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What is Door to Door Car Delivery?

Flexibility is an important factor to consider when and where you want to have your car delivered.  Door to door delivery is a service offered by transport companies where they will ship your vehicle and deliver it as close to your door as they possibly can. 

Moreover, transport companies will also pick up your car from your doorstep. However, the vehicle pick-up and delivery points in most cases do not really take place at your very doorstep. 

The trucks that carry your vehicles are usually huge. Especially ones that offer open-air transport which carry about 8 to 10 vehicles. 

If you settle for a company terminal, it maybe 20 to 50 miles away or even more which will take more hassle to get your car. 

Why the Carriers may not get to your door

As we mentioned above, the carriers are large vehicles. There are narrow roads in most residential areas. As a result, the trucks will have a hard time turning and making a safe car delivery. You may have seen signs on residential entry points that they do not allow trucks in the estate. 

Moreover, your residential areas normally have low tree cover. Our carriers will use Google Maps or a similar tool to review where your location is. He will also look at the nearest wide space he can use to park and make a turn if needed be. The most commonly used drop off points includes the nearest mall, grocery store parking lot, places like Target and Home Depot, rest areas and extra-wide roads.  

It will be easy to get your car delivered a mile or two from your home address if it is not highly accessible. Alternatively, the driver could drive the vehicle with your position from where the carrier is parked to your address.


Client’s logistics in a door to door car delivery

Most clients will have a family member, friend or neighbor drive them to pick their car. Others use taxi services from companies like Uber, Lyft or they can call the other taxis. You may be charged up to $15 to get to the car delivery point. 

If you are not anywhere near the delivery point, you can request someone to collect the car on your behalf. We recommend you leave when the driver is about 5 minutes from the pickup point or even when they arrive. The drivers may often run behind schedule. They may take time making deliveries to other clients. 

If you leave when the driver arrives, you will be able to give him some time to unload your car and you will find it ready for inspection and pick up. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Door to Door Car Delivery


  • It is convenient as your car is delivered as close to your preferred address as the carrier can possibly get. 
  • Saves you the time and transport costs of collecting your vehicle from a terminal. 



  • It is more expensive than the terminal to terminal car delivery. The company will put in more effort and use extra fuel to deliver the car to your preferred location. You can look up the price on the company’s calculator. Visit our home page to find the price calculator. 


Is Door To Door Delivery Your Preferred Option? 

North America Shipping offers both doors to door car delivery and terminal to terminal car delivery. Your preference can be influenced by the convenience of each option in terms of location and cost. Door to door delivery will make your car available at a location of your choice while terminal to terminal delivery uses our terminals which may be further from your location. 



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