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Starting or reporting back to school needs a lot of planning. College students are thinking about their classes and friends but at the same time, they do not want to be separated from their family just yet. On the other hand, you need to get your car to campus on time. At school, your car will offer you convenience, independence, and the ability to explore. Car shipping will offer you the convenience to stay with your family for the maximum possible time and to get to school on time to make semester preparations. Heres a manual that will prepare you to ship your car to college. 


Why You Should Ship Your Car To School?


1. It is safe and fast


Most carrier drivers will cover 500 miles in a day. On average, it will take about 1 to 7 business days to deliver your car. You can also choose express car shipping which makes it available in about 24 to 72 hours for.

Your car will be in safe hands. Drivers will handle your car with extra care and taking heed of your instructions. During transport, your car will be secured safely on an open-air carrier which most students prefer. 



2. Prevents accident, theft and loss cases when driving


Students taking long drives to school are prone to fatigue. They will be juggling between pushing the miles, getting enough sleep, thinking about checking, and they will haul their belongings with them. Interstate college student drivers usually experience fatigue which could make them prone to poor driving judgment and could cause an accident.

Over-loading belongings in the car can cause trouble on bad roads especially slippery ones which increases the risk of an accident. These belongings are also prone to theft or loss during an accident.  


3. It is common


It is a preferred option for most students and parents. Increased safety risks have increased the use of auto transport carriers especially for students traveling out of state. 


How To Prepare To Ship Your Car To School


1. Registration


Register your car with the campus administration to get parking authorization on campus grounds. In most cases, you will just provide the ownership information and tag number of your vehicle.

Some worry about changing the registration number in a new state. It is possible but not very much necessary especially if you plan to be in the state for only the period of your study.



2. Choose a car shipping method 


A shipping method will influence the overall costs of car shipping to college. You will mostly need to choose between open and enclosed, top tier or bottom tier and door to door or terminal delivery.

Enclosed shipping costs more than open-air, the top tier will cost more than the bottom tier and door to door costs more than terminal delivery. However, auto carrier trucks are not allowed on campus grounds and may not fit well in the surrounding residential areas. You will get in touch with the driver to deliver the vehicle at the nearest place with parking, unloading and turning space.



3. Wash your car


A clean car will be easy to inspect and will produce better pictures of the state of the car. Wash the interior and exterior. Take your valuable belongings out of the car because they are not covered car truck company insurance due to weight and other restrictions.

 Leave the necessary items such as a spare wheel, a jack, and other spare equipment. Some companies give a 100 point trunk capacity.



4. Inspect your car and take photos


Ensure you take a close inspection even with the help of a mechanic who will help you check the brakes, engine fluids, and tire pressure. Inspect the car and know its state, and take some pictures. 


5. Schedule travel time and Choose a car shipping company 


Schedule the vehicle to arrive almost when you arrive on campus for convenience. Choose a shipping company like North America Car Shipping, which has extensive routes, affordable shipping options and experience working with students.


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