How Much Does It Cost?

The shipping cost will entirely depend on the transport type. We will have to take many things under consideration, for instance, if you need an enclosed trailer or open trailer, and a few other factors, for example, the season of the year, size of the vehicle, operable and non-operable, routes, distance, and so on.
What if my car doesn’t run?
Yes, absolutely, it doesn’t matter if your car is in running condition or not. All you got to do is select “not running” while filling out the form and we will make sure to assign the right car shipping carrier which is specialized for non-operational cars.

Can You Guarantee a Pick-Up or Delivery Date and Time?

Yes, we can! Although you will have to decide on which date you would like to pick your car. We will suggest you call us beforehand for guaranteed delivery to get an estimated cost of the delivery and the date. Although we give 99% assurance, we still keep 1% with us because we can’t guarantee if anything happens on the road.

How Long Will I Be Without My Vehicle?

We understand that you would want your car to reach you the fastest, but distance plays a crucial part in the delivery.

Distance/Mile Calendar Days
0-200 1-2
200-600 2-4
600-1000 3-5
1000-1500 4-6
1500-2000 5-7
2000-2400 6-8
2400- and above 7-9

How Do I Pay for My Transport Service?

We accept all kinds of credit and debit cards, along with certified funds. A minimum of pre-determined cost has to be paid beforehand for each vehicle. Once the vehicle gets transferred, we will request you to pay the remaining amount by cash or certified funds.

What is Door-to-Door Transport?

By door-to-door, we mean that the auto transport will try to get as close to your desired pick up location as possible. Readers may note that door-to-door doesn’t mean the delivery of your vehicle right Infront of the door. Our shipping trucks are, and they can’t fit easily into residential areas, and besides being a law-abiding company, we cannot risk unloading your vehicle in the middle of the road either as this could disturb the neighbors.

Can I Ship Personal Items in My Car?

Well, the answer to this is it depends. Here’s the reason why, the weight of a car plays a crucial part in the transportation process, and since we aren’t a shipping boxes service, we will recommend you not to ship your personal belongings with the vehicle. If you load your car with a lot of personal items, then the weight of the cargo will increase which will then create an issue at the weigh station, and we may end-up pay fine as well. However, you may pack up to 100lbs of the non-valuable items and pack the other items properly and load them in the vehicle’s cargo area. However, please confirm this over the phone before loading any personal items.

Is There a Discount for Shipping Multiple Vehicles?

Yes, we do offer discounts if you ship multiple vehicles and it can be anywhere between $25 to $100.

Is My Vehicle Insured During Transport?

Yes, every vehicle that we ship comes with insurance for any in-transit damages caused by the carrier negligence or your car gets damaged by equipment failure. We take responsibility for each, and it comes under the cargo insurance policy for protection. It is mandatory to provide $750,000 worth of insurance to each car and even go up to $1 million. As long as your vehicle is with our carrier’s, it is insured.

Do I have To Be at Pick Up or Delivery?

It is not necessary for you to be personally for the pickup; however, we do recommend you to choose someone to come here to whom the keys and the vehicle can be handed over to. Plus, we need to hand over the bill of landing document as well.

How Much Gas Should I Leave in My Car?

Yes, your vehicle should have some gasoline and preferably, ¼ of the tank.

Can I Change My First Available Shipping Date?

Yes, you can. We give you a flexible shipping date option, and you change the first available shipping date before the driver is assigned or before we dispatch your vehicle.

How Should I Prepare My Car for Shipment?

Yes, you should prepare your car for the shipment to receive a neat and clean vehicle upon delivery. We will advise you to wash your vehicle, de-clutter vehicle’s interior, disable alarms if any, fill ¼ of the tank with gasoline, check for leaks, remove any custom accessories, check for tire inflammation, and make sure to lock your vehicle before loading.

How Can I Track My Vehicle While in Transit?

You can give us a call or write to us to get an update of your car.

Can You Ship My Car Internationally?

Yes, we partner with our wide network of agents who expedite your car through customs and deliver them to your desired destination country in a timely manner, as well as domestically

How Long is a Quoted Price Good For?

Once we give you a price quote for the shipping charges of your car, the price quote will be valid for seven days. We will email you’re the price quote to your email ID as well.

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