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What is Roll On Roll Off Shipping? 

Roll on Roll Off Car shipping is also called RORO. It is a shipping method used to import or export cars. Your vehicle will be driven and parked on the ship transporting it. RORO is an alternative method to container and is highly reliable. 

You can ship any type of vehicle despite the width and height or whether it is roadworthy or not. Examples include cranes, plant machinery, boats, yachts, excavators, cars, trucks, trailer homes, buses, agricultural machinery and more.

Major car manufacturing companies, for example, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Audi rely on RORO shipping to get their vehicles to various parts of the globe.

Characteristics of Roll On Roll Off Transport


Most of the ships that facilitate Roll On Roll Off car shipping are equipped with multiple ramps. These ramps make it possible to simultaneously load and unload vehicles. As a result, loading and unloading faster and save on time. Furthermore, it is also cost-efficient as RORO ships have a large car shipping capacity and faster load and unload times. It is also easier, faster and cheaper to deliver your car to your desired destination.  


Large Car Shipping Capacity 

Modern RORO ships are usually very large. The largest ships in use measure approximately 860 feet in length. Some of these ships feature 9 loading decks which make it possible to ship about 6,000 vehicles in one voyage.  Furthermore, some have a large overhead clearance which makes it possible to ship tall vehicles such as buses, trucks, cranes and more. 


Roll On Roll Off Car Shipping is cheaper than container shipping. Container shipping will expose you to various costs such as cost of the container itself, warehousing costs, packing, and flat rack loading process.


Careful planning

Careful planning is necessary on Roll on roll off car shipping. Planning will facilitate order and easy access to your vehicle. For example, if you are shipping multiple companies, maybe for a dealership, planning will be used to park your cars together to promote safety and easier loading and unloading. Cars can also be parked according to the type. For example, one section can be allocated to luxury vehicles, while another to classic vehicles and another to buses. 


Specialized Decks

Some vehicles like plant machinery may require extra space or special loading. RORO ships have specialized decks to load and transport the bulkier equipment. Some of these decks are adjustable to create more vertical room for large vehicles and equipment. 


Protection and Security 

RORO ships are fit with enclosed decks to ensure the vehicles are not exposed to the elements during shipping. Each of these decks has securing points throughout the floor. These securing eyelets fasten your car to the ship. Straps are used on the wheels to hold the vehicle in place during shipping. 


The Process of Roll On Roll Off Shipping

The RORO process is very simple. You will need to deliver your car to the port for loading. It will be driven to its designated spot on the ship and driven off when the ship arrives at the port destination. 

Assisted Collection and Delivery with North America Car Shipping

Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a reliable car shipping company like North America Car shipping to help you with transport logistics. Our representative can collect your car and deliver it to the port on your behalf. You could choose a chauffeur or we could load the vehicle on a truck and deliver it to the port. 

Moreover, we could also collect your car when it arrives at the port and ship it to your requested destination. Delivery options are similar to collection options. We can either send a chauffer or use car carriers to deliver your vehicle. 

Specialized transport is needed for large plant, machinery, and unroadworthy vehicles. We offer carriers that can transport tractors, excavators, and the like to and from the ports. 

Conditions for Car Shipping with Roll on Roll Off Ships


  • Ship a running vehicle


One of the basic conditions for shipping with RORO ships is that your car has to be running. This means that your car has to be in driving condition which makes it possible to drive it on and off the vessel. Containers are the better option for cars not in running condition. 



  • No items are shipped in the car


Roll On Roll Off shipping policies restrict loading personal items in your car during shipping. Additional items in your car will may bring damage or theft disputes or they may increase the weight of the cargo. 



  • Scheduled departure and arrival 


One of the advantages of Roll On Roll Off shipping is that your vehicle will arrive faster. RORO shipping runs on scheduled time, unlike container shipping which leans more towards estimated time. 


  • International shipping documentation


International shipping whether RORO or container shipping calls for appropriate documentation. Examples of information you are required to present includes:

    1. Your personal information: It should include your name and location. Appropriate documents to use are copies of your passport or government ID. 
    2. Your vehicle details: you should provide, the make, model, year, estimated value and VIN number. 


  • Ownership information: this includes, vehicle title, bill of sale, and notarized copy of the title if your vehicle is financed. 
  • Consignee and shipper information



Your vehicle will not be allowed to leave the United States if it has an outstanding lien. You should have made all the payments before you can ship it. The lender should provide the letter of authorization if you are to ship the car. 

However, Government, employees, contractors and the military can ship a car with lien. 



Roll On Roll Off shipping is efficient and cost-friendly. You can ship a large number of cars, heavy and special machines easily with RORO shipping.  It is cheaper because you are not exposed to container and warehousing costs. 

Furthermore, RORO shipping operates on a strict schedule which assures your car’s arrival at the stipulated time. There are car shipping companies that offer both RORO and Container shipping which offers more convenience. 


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