FaqFrequently Asked QuestionsHow Transport Companies Determine Shipping Prices. 

How Transport Companies Determine Shipping Prices. 

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of shipping your vehicle. Transport companies will look at the following factors to determine the price of shipping your car:

  • Distance and location
  • Type of vehicle and its condition, 
  • Shipping options
  • Additional services
  • Time of the year 

You can use these factors to your advantage to get the best deal when you ship your car. 



Distance and location


Location and distance are the most basic determiners of the cost of car transport. It will obviously cost you more to ship further because the carrier’s mileage and fuel consumption will also increase. 

Moreover, the distance will also determine the shipping time. Depending on how far the driver has to drive, the delivery could take between 3 days and two weeks. 

The location will independently influence the price transport companies will charge you. There are those cities that are popular in terms of auto shipping. Examples are Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago. These popular locations are served by major highways. It is cheaper to ship your car to such locations than locations where the driver will have a hard time making the delivery.



Type of vehicle and its condition


The type of vehicle will determine how much space the car will take and how much weight it adds to the load. 

SUVs, vans, and trucks are heavier and take more space than sedans. The transport company will require to know any major modifications your vehicle has undergone. It helps them determine if the modifications could add significant weight and space.

Moreover, you will indicate if your vehicle works or if it is inoperable. It will cost more to ship inoperable vehicles as the driver will need special equipment to load the car on the carrier truck. 


Shipping options


Shipping options mainly look at open or enclosed car transport and terminal or door to door delivery. Enclosed transport costs more because it protects your car from open-air elements such as road debris. 

Door to door delivery is where the driver unloads your vehicle as close to your address as he can possibly get. You can agree with him where it would be convenient to unload the vehicle. Car carrier trucks are not usually allowed in residential areas.  



Additional services by the transport companies



Top loading is an additional service that protects your car while using open-air carriers during shipping. Top loading means that the vehicle is carried on the top tier of the carrier truck. It will be protected from various road particles and debris such as rocks, dust, and dirt. 

If it travels in the bottom tier, it can also be exposed to leakages on vehicles in the top tier. You can also request for top tier transport when using enclosed carriers to avoid possible leakages pouring on your car.


Time of the year 


The peak season of car shipping industries is summer. People move a lot in the summer anticipation of a new school year and for vacation. Those who move during winter are called snowbirds. They are usually moving to warmer places or relocating to a new place. Winter weather is harsh and the driver may have a challenging time on the road. These travel periods are costly.


North America Transport is dedicated to offering value for your money through quality services. You can request a quote on our homepage calculator. The various choices you make using the factors above will influence the cost. We offer constant communication and updates. For example, when traveling on the winter roads, there may be some delays to deliver your car.  


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