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A lot of goods and services experience seasonal fluctuations. Car delivery in the Auto industry is also affected by changes in seasons. Thus, these changes have an effect on both an auto transport company and its clients. 

Let’s analyze the characteristics of every season and what it means to you as an auto transport customer.

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Car Delivery Seasons And Prices During:


  • January


No one wants to leave the snug feeling of the holidays and join new year’s hassle. As a result, the first week of January registers very few trips. However, the auto transport company will still take car shipping bookings. 


Snowbirds (people moving from cold areas to warm areas during winter) are on the move during this period. Some popular states they usually move to include Florida, Southern California, Arizona and Texas. The auto company will thus have a large demand but low ability to supply. 


Prices will be higher especially for loads, which ship first and are the charged the highest price. Cheap orders will ship last and it could even take about 30 days for car delivery. Moreover, the country will experience a lot of snowstorms and frigid weather. 


Car delivery services will resume the normal pace after the 2nd or 3rd week of January. 



  • February and March


Auto-shipping companies will experience a slow season between February and March. They will have fulfilled almost all shipments for the snowbirds. The country will get colder during this period.customers will be discouraged to make online purchases and people will not be making any moves as this season is in the middle of the school year. Even college students will be deep in their studies.

Moving to the warmer states will cost you more during this season. However, the reverse journey will be cheaper. 



  • April and May


Spring season starts in April and May. it is also the start of baseball season. The snowbirds are ready to return North from Arizona, Florida, Southern California, and Texas. There are many vehicles in line Car delivery from north to south is cheaper than south to north during this season. 

If auto transport charges you low shipping fees during this period, your car delivery time delays a lot. Your car will get priority shipping if you pay slightly more. 



  • June, July, and August


June, July, and August are the main summer months. Auto transport companies are busiest during this period. There is a lot of movement during the summer, which makes it the peak season. 

People relocate mostly during the summer as the school year is over, they are comfortable making online purchases as movement is easier.

However, the 4th of July presents as a major challenge to the companies as people want to be with their families. Your car delivery will be faster if you pay more. Demand and supply start to balance 2 to 3weeks after the 4th of July. 

  • September, October, and November


Most people have settled down for the fall except college students who resume at the beginning of September. Despite this, demand and supply are balanced which makes it an ideal time to ship. The prices will also be lower in Autumn and car delivery will be faster too. However, shipping may be slow during the thanksgiving period. 



  • December


Car delivery times are steady through mid-December. However, the slowest period in the year kicks in in the last week of December and runs through the first week of January. The snowbirds are getting ready to head south place their orders for car shipping and delivery in January. 

Your options to avoid experiencing this sluggish period are shipping in early December, or in Autumn. Otherwise, you could choose to pay more to get priority shipping.



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You can determine the price of shipping for your season in the quote generator of an efficient, fast and reputable auto transport companies such as North America Car Shipping.         

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