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How to guide to ship your car from state to state

You will need interstate car trucking when moving to and fro school, moving to a new job out of state, car trucking dealership cars or making a permanent move out of state. Interstate car trucking is also needed to transport a vehicle you have purchased from a seller in another state.


States have varying laws and regulations. You need to know them to avoid any infringements. They cover the following areas:



  • Vehicle Registration and driver’s license


There are varying deadlines for vehicle registration and driver’s license application. For example, California will offer has a 10-day deadline to apply for the driver’s license and 20 days to register your vehicle. Texas has a 30-day deadline to apply for a license and register your vehicle. 

There are states with more strict requirements like Michigan which needs you to register your car and apply for a license immediately you get a job there or settle there permanently.  

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  •  Licensing Requirements per State


The deadline is only one of the multiple requirements that vary with every state. Some of these requirements include taking a vision test and to take and pass a written test. You need to apply early so that you can have time for a retake by the time you make a move. Time for retakes is needed for states that require immediate registration like Michigan. 

Registration fees are also a requirement. States use different methods and factors to determine vehicle registration fees. States charge registration fees based on either a flat fee, value-based, age-based and any other metric. 



  • Interstate Car Trucking Car insurance 


Insurance is also different among states. Property damage claims and body damage claims especially vary significantly across states. For example, the minimum for property damage claims could be $5,000 in some states while in others it is $25,000. 



  •  State Registration Information


You will also register as a new resident in a new state if you are moving there. You will need to provide insurance and also check the emissions requirements and compare them to your car. You can access more information about the state motor vehicle registration information on the various State Department of Motor Vehicle websites. 



  • Other Interstate car purchase and trucking tips 


There are other general factors to look at when making interstate car transactions.they include:

  • Get a full report on the vehicle’s condition. You will need assurance that you are purchasing a roadworthy vehicle. 
  • It is safer to use modern money transaction modes like PayPal for additional security. 
  • You are also to arrange your own shipping of the vehicle with trustworthy and interstate transport companies that are experienced and reputable in car trucking like North America Car Shipping
  • Ask for the companies’ quotes and select the one that fits your budget. 
  • Ask the seller to prepare the vehicle and as the seller, you should prepare the vehicle for car trucking. For example, ask the seller to empty the gas tank to ¼ full and charge the car battery. Moreover, they should wash the vehicle and send pictures to be used for inspection when the car has been delivered. 

Drivers and trucking companies use various aspects such as the location to determine the price in the quote. If they are car trucking to a popular destination, the price will be more affordable than car trucking to rural destinations. 

For convenience in interstate car trucking, you can ask the transport company to make a door to door delivery of the vehicle. We ask that you exercise some patience with the drivers because they may have been delayed by another client who was late to make the pickup.

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