International5 Tips On International Interlink Car Transport

International interlink car transport is not as hectic as people call it out to be. You can engage in 5 simple steps to help you complete that international career, get vehicles to your dealerships abroad, switching homes and more.

The 5 tips include:  


1. Research


You will need to prepare yourself knowledge-wise on the aspects associated with shipping to help you make the best deal with the transport company.  Research on aspects like



a) The Shipping Time Vs Select A Shipping Method

The shipping time and the shipping method are strongly related. Keep shipping time strong criterion as you research the various companies. The following shipping methods impact shipping time


  • Sole container car freight


This is the fastest way to accomplish international interlink car transport. Your vehicle will be loaded on a sole 20ft container and will begin shipping immediately. It will get on the next available truck to the port and its container loaded on the next available ship.


  • Consolidated car shipping


Consolidated shipping also ships your vehicle in a container. It will be alongside other vehicles headed in the same direction. It will take longer to ship because the container has to fill up with vehicles with one shipping port destination.



  • Roll on Roll off


Your vehicle will be rolled on to a shipping vessel, braced and secured for transport. It will be exposed to the elements as the vehicles are not secured in containers. It takes the longest time as there is a possibility of the vessel making stopovers. You are not allowed extra cargo on your vehicle except the spare wheel, car jack, and other related tools.


b) Insurance Coverage On Your Vehicle And On The Shipping Company. 


Enquire on the coverage limits of your vehicle from your insurance company. Moreover, better shipping companies have better coverage for risks such as loss of container or damage to the vehicle.



c) Cost Factors for international interlink car transport


The above shipping methods are examples of cofactors. The slowest method (Roll On Roll Off) is the cheapest and the sole container method is the fastest and most expensive. 

The distance between the shipping ports or destinations is another cost factor. 



2. Compare Car Freight Companies’ Quotes


Research online shipping companies and compare car freight quotes for your shipping needs to get the one with better services at an affordable cost. North America Car Shipping’s quote generator is on the home page. Analyze the various companies and think about their quotes as you complete the rest of the process.


3. Prepare Your Car For an International interlink Car transport


  • Some preparations you can undertake for your car include: 
    • Wash it
    • Check the tire pressure
    • Check the vehicle for engine leaks
    • Empty anything valuable
    • Keep the gas tank between ¼ and ⅛ full.


4. Inspect Your Car


An inspection will help you determine the state of the vehicle before shipping so that you can compare it after the journey to see if it has undergone any damages. Pictures will be very helpful in determining if the car is in the same state as before. The inspection will help strengthen your damages claim in case of anything. 



5. Get Appropriate Paper Work And Choose A Car Freight Company 


Paperwork will be needed for international car freight. Lack of paperwork will delay shipping. You will need to present:

  • An original title
  • A Bill of Sale copy
  • Your passport copy.


Also, settle on the right shipping company to deliver international car freight services. Major companies like North America car transport are well connected and have warehouses, partners, and agents that will help deliver additional services such as door to door car freight services.  


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