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A car is a significant investment. The purchase process should be characterized by adequate research and responsible decisions. Modern technology has made it possible to purchase cars online. You are now able to purchase cars within your locality and even from international sellers on the internet. 

Some of us may not feel safe making vehicle purchases online but there are steps you can take to ensure the safety and assurance of your purchase. The tips for a successful online car purchase and delivery include:


  • Identify your needs


The first tip before placing an order online for your car is to determine the type of car you will need absolute honesty to distinguish a need from a want. A luxury car packed with features is more of a want than a need. 

The features of the car determine what the car is made for. For example, people who live in areas where it gets muddy or snowy, they may need a vehicle with a strong tow and all-wheel drive. Those who live in places with calm weather do not really need an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Determine if you need a minivan, a coupe, SUV or sedan. Research various manufacturers to see the ones that assemble the type of vehicle you need. 



  • Determine your budget


Your budget has a major influence on the type of car and the features it has. There are many financing options for online car purchase and delivery and people sometimes get confused.  When making a budget, allocate 20% of your yearly income to the purchase of a vehicle.

Ensure you are thorough enough to calculate the monthly and down payments the seller wants you to pay. If you make a low down payment, it will increase the monthly payments you have to make. A high down payment lowers the monthly payments. Your credit score could also impact the interest rates on the monthly payments. A poor credit score result in higher interest rates and vice-versa. 



  • Decide between a new and used car


The cars in the market are either new or used. Each of these vehicles has its pros and cons. New cars provide quality assurance. Manufacturers and dealers will assure you that it is in perfect condition and are liable for malfunctions up to an agreed level. 

New cars are usually expensive and the price depreciates overtime. You will sell it for less than you acquired it for. Used cars, on the other hand, are affordable. However, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle before you purchase it. Take it to a mechanic and a test drive before you strike an agreement. 




  • Begin shopping


At this stage, you will have a rough idea of the type of vehicle you need. Look up popular and reputable car listing platforms like CARFAX, CarGurus, Craigslist, and Autotrader. Ensure the listings you consider have detailed information on the car such as images, videos, and thorough descriptions. Most of these sites connect you to vehicle dealerships for further and final negotiations.



  • Request for car information and quotes


Once you are in contact with the dealer themselves, ask for detailed information and price quotations on the car. Ask about previous issues, accidents, modifications, and repairs. You may get this information on the website or with the dealer. 

Ask for a price quote of a vehicle of your choice. The dealer may launch the bid with the price displayed on the website and be open to negotiations. 


  • Schedule a test drive


If you are really interested in purchasing a vehicle, you should go to great lengths to arrange and conduct a test drive. It is better to pay the plane ticket to go and test drive a vehicle from out of state. You make yourself prone to multiple risks if you purchase a car without making a physical inspection. 

Walk around the car to assess its parts and make note of your concerns. When you drive the car, check its acceleration, its braking and listen to any strange sounds or vibrations. you can also bring a professional mechanic to check the car for you. 



  • Agree on financing


After you are satisfied with the qualities of the car, make an offer to the seller. Most agreements happen when you meet in the middle in terms of price. You also need to agree on how you are going to make the payments. 

Do you want to clear the bill all at once or make a deposit and follow up with monthly installments? Remember, the more you deposit the less your monthly installments are and the less you deposit the more you pay in terms of monthly installments. We recommend you pay a deposit of at least 10% of the cost of the vehicle. It is better for you if this percentage is closer to 20%.



  • Finalize the sale


The sale will finalize when the seller provides the appropriate paperwork which includes the sale agreement and the title of ownership on the asset. Once you have the title and payment agreement, you can make the deposit or clear the entire bill. Remember to keep the seller’s contact or warranty information in case of anything. 



  • Car delivery


You may not be in a position to drive your car home after the test drive. It is advisable you make car delivery arrangements with a reliable and reputable car transport company like North America Car Shipping. You should choose a company that offers affordable prices and is responsive to any concerns or questions you raise. 



These tips should help you make a sound purchase. We can also guide you on how to transport your car across states or how to organize for international car shipping when you purchase your car from an international seller. 

When purchasing a car online, need to know the type of car you need, your budget estimation, choose between a new and used car, research multiple car listings, reach out to a dealer for price quotation and more information, organize a test drive, agree on finance and finalize the deal. The last step is to get a transport company for car delivery services. 


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