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Vehicle inspection is an important aspect of car trucking. It helps to make insurance claims especially when you have picture evidence to back up your inspection. Car inspection is also necessary when you are selling your car. Most buyers inspect 9 common parts. They include: 


  • Tires


Buyers and the car transport company usually assess tires among the first things. Look at your tire’s treads to make sure they are deep enough. You should be good to go if you have only had them for about six months to a year old. Ensure they provide a steady drive. Check your tires’ PSI and ensure it is the right number based on your model requirements.


  • Brakes


Poor brakes are a huge safety risk. Your driver may need to drive your car to load it or unload it in car trucking services such as international car shipping. Check if your breaks cause any grinding sensations or noises and if they need a lot of pressure to become effective. Good breaks avoid both small and large accidents. 


  • Lights


Proper lights are a necessity to both a buyer and car trucking your car to a new state. You and a potential buyer will need functional lights for both use and legal purposes. Your stay in your new place could be off to a bumpy start with the local authorities for substandard lights.




  • Windows


You need to inspect vehicles for both their aesthetic value and functionality. Ensure your windows roll up and down smoothly before selling or handing it over to a car trucking company. You may want to get them fixed or replaced if they get stuck often especially when you are selling the car. 


  • Refill and Change fluids


Ensure that you change vehicle fluids such as wiper blade fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and others. Get a receipt for a change or refill of these fluids which you can present to the buyer. Refilling and changing your fluids also ensures you have a smooth start with your car in your new home after car trucking. 


  • Oil Change


Oil change is necessary when selling your car. It is an added advantage if you change it before you hand it over to the car trucking company when relocating. Buyers need the oil change dates so that they can anticipate the next oil change.  


  • Paint


The car’s paint job is its most conspicuous aspect. You can simply do touch up paint to cover up discoloration and scratches. Touch up paint is highly affordable as you will spend around $20 per bottle. You can also apply the touch-up paint yourself with the help of a few YouTube tutorials. 


  • Wiper Blades


Check your wiper blades to confirm if it is a fluid change/refill or if you need to fix or change the wiper blades entirely. You may forget to check your wiper blades if you live in sunny areas like Los Angeles where you will rarely use them. A change of wiper blades is cheap and readily available at local auto repair shops. 



  • Wash and Details


Conduct a general wash for car trucking and a detailed wash if you are selling it. A detailed wash will help remove stains you thought were permanent especially in your car’s interior. A clean car also takes a good picture to help inspect the vehicles after car trucking and to advertise the vehicle during selling. 



Car inspection is necessary when selling and car trucking your car. After the inspection, you can car truck your car to your buyer or to your new home with a reliable car trucking company such as North America Transport. Contact us for any queries and you can visit our price calculator to analyze the cost of car trucking your vehicle.

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