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You are about to make a major transaction and it is important you do it right. There are some key aspects you need to address as you prepare your car, sell and haul(car hauling) it to your customer. Experts at North America Shipping have come up with the 7 most vital tips to consider. They include:


  • The Paperwork


Paperwork provides legal security. One of the most important documents is the title of the car. The title indicates the ownership of the car. You or your business may own a vehicle’s title. If you transfer this title to someone else or another business entity, you make them the legal owner of the car. 

Rules of transferring vehicle ownership may differ slightly across different states. For example, you may need to update your ownership title when you move to a new state. You need to research the appropriate paperwork necessary in each state before you engage the negotiations and transactions. 

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  • Research the Market Price before you set your price


You can rely on online resources like Kelly’s Blue Book to help you determine the price of your car. The platform will help see the price for similar car listings in the market. You can filter your search to your car’s model year, make and mileage. 

How fast you need to sell your car will have a major impact on the price. If you have a short timeframe, for example, you need to move on short notice, you may have to sell your car at a lower price. However, in such a situation, we advise you choose to haul your car and sell it later. 

You have a chance at a better price if you plan in advance and choose to take your time with selling and hauling your car. 



  • Set a Minimum price


You should anticipate the fact that some buyers will bid with low numbers. Ensure you set your minimum price before starting on negotiations. Bid slightly over the number to have some negotiation room. Avoid being sweet-talked into a lower price. 



  • Prep your car


You should ensure that your car is at its best for selling and shipping purposes. There are various steps you need to take to prepare your car for selling or hauling. Look at parts like your tires, lights, brakes, paint job, interior, and more. You should get a mechanic to help out.



  • Take Pictures


Pictures will help you sell your car on eCommerce platforms. Ensure you take clear pictures and cover vital parts such as a full body picture, an interior picture, tires, lights and, and more. It is important that you use current pictures. 



  • Advertise


Tell your friends and friends about it, and post it on eCommerce and social media platforms. You can rely on platforms such as Craigslist, eBay Auto, and more. Your chances of getting a buyer increase when you advertise on multiple platforms.



  • Choose how far you will need to sell and engage in car hauling


Do you wish to sell your car within state boundaries, National boundaries or internationally? You have a better chance of getting a good price if you sell it to more people. Furthermore, the vehicle can reach your buyers in any location with the help of reliable car hauling companies like North America Transport. 



Once you get a buyer, you should settle on delivery terms. Shipping is usually a cheaper option for both parties. You will simply use an online calculator to estimate the car shipping price. The price of car hauling will depend on factors like the model year and make of the car. 

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