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What is a Non-Functional Vehicle?

 A non-functional vehicle is a vehicle that is unable to power itself and start or move. The casual phrase for these vehicles is “non-op” or “in-op”. A non-operational vehicle needs special assistance to load and unload on the car carrier. The transport company will send a carrier with a winch to make loading and unloading easier, faster, and safer. 

Things To Consider Before You Load A Nonfunctional Car On A Car Carrier 


  • Does it have Leakages?


 Check your car for leakages. Car fluids could end up leaking on others and this will make other customers unhappy. Furthermore, you would not want other people’s cars leaking on yours. Ensure you check it and have a mechanic fix the leakages before you load your car on a car carrier.  


  • Anticipate the Cost


You should know that it will cost you more to transport a non-functional car than it would to transport a functional one. You can easily drive a functional car on and off a carrier. On the other hand, a wedge is necessary to load a non-functional car on the carrier. These two types of vehicles have a price difference of around $100.


  • Empty the Gas tank


Leaving fuel in a non-functional car could be a waste of fuel. In case you are taking it to your mechanic, you could leave very little or actually no fuel. Fuel will also increase the weight of your car significantly especially if it is around ½ full or more.  An increase in weight could cause an increase in transportation costs. 


  • Clean out the interior


It would be wise to remove any valuables from your car as it could put the cargo at risk especially in an open-carrier. Furthermore, most car carrier companies do not allow you to ship anything in your car due to additional weight which will result in an increase in fuel costs and a possible threat to the cargo’s safety


  • Remove Accessories if possible. 


Does your car have any accessories like spoilers or trim? Ensure you have them removed so as to reduce the weight of the cargo. This will also lower the transportation costs and protect the accessories from damage especially spoilers.  


  • Look Up a Competent Car Carrier Company 


A reliable car carrier company is necessary for the efficient and safe transport of your car. You will receive excellent service on top of affordable rates. Furthermore, a company like North America Transport has an online calculator which you can use to estimate the costs of transporting your vehicle. Consider other factors such as, how far they can ship your vehicle if they are open to door-to-door delivery and more. 


  • Provide the Right Information


Some people may be tempted to provide the wrong information about the status of their car. They will say it is functional when it is not in an effort to save a few bucks. You may inconvenience yourself and the car carrier company if you do so. The car carrier driver will need to have a truck with a wench and he may not bring it if you fail to provide accurate information. You could end up canceling your transport and facing inconvenience fees. 



A non-operational car does not have the ability to power and run by itself. It will require a special car carrier with a winch to be able to load and unload it. A non-functional car will cost you more to transport compared to a functional car. On top of the steps above, you should engage in the normal steps of preparing your car for auto transport. 

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