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Congratulations on getting this special gift for your loved one. Nowadays, it is possible to gift a car through car delivery. This guide will help you know how to handle a car delivery gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary, and more. The steps to handle car delivery include: 


  • Get A Car Title And Complete The Transfer Section At The Back 


A car title is a document that indicates and acknowledges ownership of a car to someone. Your gift recipient will need to have a car title to be the full owner of the vehicle. You can still ship the car and follow up on the title later. 

To transfer ownership, you will need to sign over the title to your recipient.  You will use the back of the title to authorize the transfer.



  • Clear Any Lien Arrears


According to the law, you have to clear any payment arrears on your car before you can give it out. A lienholder is someone who you owe the money for the car. They need to sign off on your title certificate before you can issue the car gift delivery. You can get a new title certificate for the car that does not include the lienholder’s name once you settle the car payments. 



  • Adhere To All-State Requirements


One of the major requirements pertains to the transfer of an inherited vehicle. If you inherit a car and you would like to gift it out, you will have to go to the probate court in some states or simply sign an affidavit in others.

Other state requirements to consider are the laws surrounding car gifts to family members, especially interstate car delivery. Usually, you do not need to pay a sales tax for a gift transfer. You should also inquire about the inspection requirements of the state. In most states, your car will have to undergo a safety inspection, an emissions test, and a comprehensive check-up. 



  • Get Insurance


Does the gift recipient have a car insurance policy? You may want to advise or refer them to the best insurance firms and offer them some tips about car insurance. In case you had an insurance policy for your car, you can consult with your insurance company to cover the car for a short while longer before suspending the insurance. 


  • Hire An Auto Transport Company For Car Delivery Services


If you intend to gift your car in the holiday season, you need to plan everything early. You need to identify the appropriate season to deliver your car. Furthermore, you should select your car transport company based on factors like cost, services offered, location of operations and more.



  • Car Registration At The State Registry


There are those states that expect gift-receivers to submit all the documents pertaining to the gifting and transfer of the vehicle. You can deliver these documents to the authorities faster if you choose to mail them via FedEx, UPS, or the postal service. 

The new car owner also needs to register the car with his or her state Department of Motor Vehicle. 



  • Get A New Car Title


The gift recipient can expect a new car title from the DMV a few weeks after they register their vehicle. Ask your recipient to read the new title to ensure all the details are correct. The recipient should contact the DMV in case of any errors. 


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