Trucking5 Tips On How To Ship Exotic Cars

Exotic car trucking is similar but not exactly like normal car trucking. You need to take extra precaution and go for the premium services if you want to ship an exotic car. This means you should go for exclusive shipping services and be willing to pay more than car trucking the other cars. 

The following are the tips for exotic or classic trucking.


1. Ensure you have insurance coverage


Is your insurance up to date? You should have updated insurance coverage with policies that cover your car for transport. It provides back up coverage for your vehicle in case the company lacks enough coverage or disputes your claims. You should also inquire if you need to notify the insurance company before you transport your car. 



2. Ensure the Car Trucking Company has Insurance


Some companies do not offer to ship exotic because of their insurance coverage. Their insurance policies on physical damage usually provide coverage ranging between $100,000 and $250,000. Thus when you ask for the car trucking company’s policy, make sure it has enough coverage for your car. 

Furthermore, look for any waivers in the car trucking insurance policy. Here are some key tips about car trucking company insurance

  • Some companies will not cover your vehicle for certain events such as storms. When your vehicle suffers damage in a storm, the car transport company will not replace it. Some companies will include storm damages in their insurance policies. 
  • Confirm with the insurance policy if you intend to leave personal belongings in the car during transport. Some companies will not cover any interior damage when the belongings get airborne. Moreover, most insurance policies of these companies do not cover theft of personal belongings. 
  • In the transaction between you and the car trucking company, you will come across a document called the bill of lading. You will sign the Bill of Lading when you receive your vehicle. The document confirms that you are satisfied with the condition your vehicle is in. Once you sign it, the car trucking company cannot be liable for any damage claims you make.
  • In case your vehicle has suffered any damage or you wish to file any claims, you can file a report at the Better Business Bureau. If your car experienced damage during interstate car trucking, you should seek help from the U.S. Department of Transportation. 
  • Ensure you have a written agreement between you and the company. Any special considerations or arrangements should feature in this agreement. 



3. Anticipate high car trucking costs


Prepare to pay higher than when transporting normal cars. Only a limited number of car trucking companies are able to offer exotic car trucking services mainly because of the lack of sufficient insurance coverage. Furthermore, you may want your car transported immediately which costs more. When transporting normal vehicles, it may take longer as the car trucking companies wait for the carrier truck to fill. 

Moreover, you should consider door to door delivery for your vehicle. It is safer, offers more discretion and more convenient. However, door to door car trucking costs more as your vehicle will be at your exact or close to your exact location. 

We may fail to deliver the vehicle to your doorstep because most residential areas do not allow trucks to center as they would lack turning space and could cause accidents or traffic delays. Terminal to terminal delivery will drop off your vehicle at the company terminal closest to your location. It is the cheaper but least convenient option. 



4. Select Enclosed car carriers


It is hard to know when an exotic vehicle is in transit because they usually travel in enclosed carriers. Some of them are driven. It is risky to car truck an exotic car on an open carrier. Most of them have a 4-inch ground clearance and could damage the undercarriage when loading and offloading on an open carrier. 

Enclosed carriers have lift gates which make it easier to load the vehicle. You will pay more for an enclosed carrier than for an open carrier.  


5. Prepare your car for transport


You should prepare your car for shipping. The preparation process for exotic cars is similar to the one for normal cars. It is as follows:

  • Wash and clean out your car. A clean car is easier to inspect. Ensure you clean out the interior to remove your personal items as advised in (2) above. 
  • Take your car to the mechanic. The mechanic will be able to provide a professional inspection of your car and prepare it for the journey. He or she will make preparations such as repairs and removing any extensions on the vehicle.
  • Take pictures of your car. The pictures will help to compare the state of the car before and after car trucking. Ensure you use the picture to inspect your vehicle before you sign the bill of lading as advised in (2) above. 
  • Disable the alarm. The alarm could go off during car trucking and this could inconvenience the driver. He or she will have to find parking space and stop to shut off the alarm. 


Find the Appropriate Car trucking company

You should use some of the tips above to evaluate a transport company. The right car trucking company to transport an exotic vehicle is one like North America car Shipping. We offer reliable and safe car trucking services for your car. 

Furthermore, we have the appropriate insurance to cover the transport of exotic cars. Our team is available and highly responsive to your questions and concerns. Enclosed carriers are also available to facilitate the shipping process. You can contact us or visit our online quote calculator to get a price quote for car trucking based on your car model, make, year, carrier service and distance. 


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