Frequently Asked Questions5 Tips On How To Select A Car Transport Company

You have to put in a lot of consideration before you trust a company with one of your most prized possessions. How do you know they are trustworthy and the right car transport company? 

1. Research various options


Find potential car companies that can fulfill your car transport needs. You can use criteria such as region or whether they offer door to door services. Moreover, check on the comments of previous customers on sites like the Better Business Bureau. 

In some cases, good companies may suffer from issues such as miscommunication. However, the best companies make follow-ups. Their responses tell you about their trustworthiness and character in general.  



2. Request and analyze their quotes


Most companies will have a calculator on their website. It will help you to determine the price of transporting your vehicle from point A to point B. Compare the quotes of different sites to and select the ones within your price range. 



3. Enquire about their car transport process


Questions will help you understand the scope of the services of a car transport company’s services and if they fit into your needs. You may use these questions to research for information on the company’s website or better, call the company to enquire about the following:



  • How long will car freight take?




Most car freight companies will quote could take up to a month (give or take). It takes longer to ship overseas.




  • Do they have covered or uncovered options?




Covered shipping is more expensive than uncovered. However, your car will be exposed to the elements if it travels uncovered. However, If you have exotic, vintage, and expensive vehicles, covered is the most preferable option.



  • How do you schedule a car pickup?




In most cases, companies will ship your vehicle with the next free truck. This helps them save money as they make stops when they are on their way fromTown A to town B. You may have to pay more if you schedule your vehicle pick up on a specific day. 




  • What are their delivery options?




The major delivery options are door to door and terminal to terminal. Door to door car delivery service is more convenient as they will deliver to your preferred location. If you select the Terminal to the terminal option, you will need you to go to the nearest terminal the company uses to drop off vehicles. 



  • Is the company representing itself?




When you are in contact with the company, ask if they are a broker or representatives of the car transport company. Brokers may schedule your pick up and delivery with another company. It is better if you talk to the company representatives themselves. 

4. What are their terms and conditions?


Make sure you read every line of the terms and conditions. You will be able to know the insurance coverage the tracking company has for damage and other risks. Also, review your personal car insurance coverage and see if your car is covered undergo car shipping. 



5. Take some time and make a decision


Analyze which company fits all of these criteria. Furthermore, ensure you know which documents you may need to provide. Proceed to schedule a pick up once you are satisfied the company has fit all the criteria. 


North America Transport: How do you know its a good car transport company?

Professionalism and timeliness. A company like North America Transport offers quick pickups and car deliveries. We also adapt quickly to schedule changes. 

Customer service: We have a team of friendly and knowledgable representatives who are prompt to address any concerns you may have as your vehicle is in transit.

Flexibility: North America Transport can adapt to short term deadlines and you could have your vehicle in transit in hours. 


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