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There is no fixed rate for hauling your car from point A to point B. Various factors will determine the price displayed on a transport company’s quote calculator. The five main determinants of car hauling prices are the distance your car is hauled, the type of your car, the season you car haul, open or enclosed car haul trucks, and other extra services. 


Distance to be covered


The distance is one of the core determinants of the car hauling price. Distance could influence the price in multiple ways. For starters, long-distance car hauling costs more. This is because of the expenses of hauling your car increase as the distance increases. Such expenses include storage, fuel expenses, and personnel expenses. 

Moreover, longer distances may require specialized transport in case your vehicle will travel on different terrain. For example, you may be moving to a snowy location near the rocky mountains. You may need to order enclosed transport for your vehicle to protect it from the snow or hail. 

Long-distance car hauling also determines the mode of transport used. For example, when shipping your car overseas, you will need to order multimodal transport. Multimodal transport is the transport of goods using multiple modes of transport. For example, you can rely on both road and water transport to get your car to an overseas destination. North America Car transport can organize multimodal transport for you if needed. 

Furthermore, longer distances take more time. The car hauling personnel may need to take rests, especially when hauling the vehicles interstate. This is one of the factors of distance that reflect on the price of car hauling. 



Type and condition of your vehicle


The quote calculator will require the details of your car. You will need to provide the make, model and year of your car.  They type of your car affects the price in multiple ways:


The Size and weight of your car


Heavier cars consume a larger share of the weight limit allocated. Moreover, larger cars take more space on the hauling trucks. This is why SUVs will cost more to haul than sedan vehicles. Moreover, hauling large plant machinery such as excavators or tractors will cost more. Such machinery will take up a whole truck to transport. 


Luxury and Classic cars


Luxury and classic cars are not usually transported alongside the other vehicles. They are usually transported in containers alongside each other or it could be shipped in a one-car container. 

The running condition of your car 


You will need to state whether your car is running or not running. Cars that are not running need to be transported together. A broken vehicle could leak on other cars in working condition and this upsets other customers. Cars not in working condition could cost more because they will take more time and equipment and special attention to load and unload. 


Car hauling season


The car hauling seasons also have a major impact on prices. The price of most of the products and services in the current world rise and fall depending on the season. Various activities and conditions during each season are the drivers of cost for each season. Below is an analysis of the seasons and their impact on car hauling services. 


  • January: Car hauling companies usually charge more in January because they have few drivers available to fulfill a high demand of orders. You should pay more for a faster delivery this season. 




  • February and March: it is more expensive to ship to the warmer states during these months. Car hauling to then colder states will be cheaper because there is a higher demand for the snowbirds to move to the warmer states. 




  • April and May: There is a huge demand to return to the cooler states in the north in these months. Thus it is cheaper to haul your car south to the warmer states. 




  •  June, July, and August: most people prefer to haul their vehicles during the summer. The prices are moderate but rise as Thanks Giving approaches. 




  • September October November: The demand and supply for car hauling services will be balanced which lowers the prices. These months are the ideal time to haul your car. 




  • December: the last week of December is the start of slow car hauling times and an increase in their price for faster deliveries. This period stretches into January. 




  • Open Vs Enclosed Shipping options


Open shipping means your car is hauled in an open carrier truck which exposes it to the elements like rain and snow. Enclosed shipping involves the use of an enclosed carrier truck. Your car is safe from the elements in an enclosed carrier truck. 

Open car hauling is cheaper than enclosed car hauling. Open car hauling trucks have a larger shipping capacity than enclosed car hauling trucks. You will find this cheaper if you are shipping multiple cars for example for a dealership. 

Enclosed car hauling is better suited for luxurious and classic cars. They are secured from harm or theft and also offer privacy. 




  • Extra Services


The most common extra services offered by car hauling companies is terminal to terminal hauling or door to door hauling. Terminal to terminal car hauling will deliver your vehicle to the terminal closest to your destination. Furthermore, you will have to wait until the carrier truck fills with cars headed to the same terminal. 

However, the door to door hauling is faster. Your car will be hauled to the closest point legally and safety-wise. Car hauling trucks are not allowed in residential areas because they can damage property or block traffic. You may need to pick up your car in the nearest parking lot or location with an open space.  

Door to door delivery is more expensive than terminal to terminal delivery. However, it is more convenient. 



Car hauling companies will use the above criteria to determine the price of hauling your car. However, you should select the quality of transport over the cost. Quality ensures a safe, and convenient car hauling experience. 

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