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You have a few options on the table when you want to move your car from one point to another. The first option most people consider is to drive the car themselves. However, driving may not be applicable especially in long distances such as moving to a new state or taking your car for maintenance. 

The other two applicable options are car shipping and car towing. This guide will help you define and weigh these two options. 


Car Towing

Car Towing is the process of moving your car using a tow truck. A tow truck is fitted with a platform or trailer which secures and facilitates car transport. You can either tow the car yourself or you could hire a car towing company.  

Types Of Car Towing


  • Tow the car yourself


You may find it affordable to tow the car yourself depending on how far you have to tow it. The proper equipment which includes a trailer is necessary and the costs will increase if you have to hire the trailer. You will hitch the trailer on the back of the vehicle you will use to tow. Do it yourself car towing is present in many major cities and you can easily hire a trailer. 

Your vehicle’s towing capacity needs to be greater than the combined weight of your car and trailer. 



  • Tow with a car towing company 


Car towing companies are rarely open to rental or hiring services. However, when they are, they offer quick pickups and inexpensive services most of the time. 


Pros of Car Towing

    • Availability of 24/7 service from most towing companies.


  • Same-day scheduling offers flexibility. 


  • It is best for moving broken down cars within and across town. 


Cons of Car Towing


  • Car towing yourself takes up too much time, money to hire equipment, and effort.


  • Car towing comes with several risks like wearing of the towing vehicle. You usually assume these risks. 
  • Towing is suitable for short distances unless you have cheap access to a trailer and have a vehicle that can tow. 


Best Fit For

Moving your car over short distances. It is also suitable for long distances if you have your own vehicle capable of towing and trailer or you need to hire a trailer. 


Car Shipping

Car Shipping is like car towing. However, unlike car towing, car shipping is meant for long distances. This means that you have to schedule the car shipping process prior to the shipping date to save on both time and money. Car shipping could take days or even weeks. You get to select between covered and uncovered car shipping. 

Pros of Car Shipping

  • You only need to schedule your car pick up and drop off points and time. The shipping company will collect, load, deliver and unload the car for you.
  • You can get settled in your new location as you wait for your vehicle to arrive. We have professionals who will ship your cars through state boundaries and you could fly and meet us there. 
  • Car shipping is a cheaper option for hauling vehicles over long distances. 


Cons of Car Shipping

  • Car shipping could take weeks to deliver your car as there are other cars alongside your own that are scheduled for pick-ups and drop-offs. 
  • It is an expensive option for short-distance car transport. 
  • Few car shipping companies available per locality which limits your choices. For example, you may find it hard to get a car transport company insured to transport exotic cars. 

Best Fit for

Car shipping is suitable for shipping expensive cars, multiple cars, and over long distances. 


Car Shipping With North America Transport. 

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